AT&T and phone scams

Monday. A very nice AT&T technician came and quickly got me connected again. BUT. After he left, I found I could not access the internet without reinstalling my service and ten years or so after the fact, no way could I remember my password and ID and the page that popped up gave no way to get those provided. So, seeing as how I now had a phone line, I called high speed internet tech support, but what I kept getting connected to was U-verse sales. These people phone me all the time anyway though I keep asking them to take me off their call list since I live in a one-bedroom apartment with a single 12″ TV and have no use for their connect-all-your-television-sets-in-every-room program. It’s like I keep telling the finance companies that phone to harass me about refinancing my mortgage: I’m a renter. I have no mortgage. Finally, I got someone to connect me to California DSL support. And I’m on hold. Waiting. And waiting. And in the meantime I’m trying every old password I can think of, and it finally goes through. Then I get a guy on the line and he’s asking me all the details and we go through the whole story and I’m waiting to see if the operation now in progress for many minutes, resetting my modem, is working, and finally the guy tells me he’s in North Carolina and cannot assist a customer in California. Tell me why AT&T, a phone company, can’t get its phone lines straight.

I hang up and keep fooling with the website myself and now I’m back on-line. And maybe there’s a silver lining. I usually get several calls a day from a scam operator calling itself US Pharmacy about my order. Well, there is no order. There was never an order. I’m not going to give them my credit card. The callers always have a South Asian accent. I’ve told them not to call back. I’ve told them I understand they are just trying to make a living. (I have been looking for employment for two years now but I do draw the line at telemarketing. Which is too often falsely advertised. I’ve been a field interviewer for social service programs like HIV prevention. But these days, “field interviewer” too often means phoning people at night for bullshit consumer surveys. No!) I’ve told these callers that what they are doing is illegal. That gets them angry. I’ve told them I’ve reported them to the FCC and the FBI. (Yeah, right. My complaints get a boilerplate response that is entirely unresponsive.) But I haven’t yet heard from them today. Usually there’d be at least two calls by now. Maybe they got the erroneous disconnect notice and I’m finally off the list!

update: Feb 6 – I spoke (or wrote) too soon. The phone calls for US Online Pharmacy continue. Including one that woke me this morning.

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