I’ll be in the Museum of Dysfunction! (surprised?)

Just heard from Zachary Doss in Houston that my piece Future Forward has been selected for this year’s Museum of Dysfunction Showcase presented by Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company.
Really, how can I be anything other than thrilled to be an exhibit in such a museum! The show will run AUGUST 9-11 ONLY at Studio 101 at Spring Street Studios in Houston. How I would love to be planning a trip to Texas.


This, from Jim J. Tommaney’s review on August 10th and yes, I wish I’d been there.

In Future Forward by Diane Lefer, directed by Jennifer Decker, the amazing Danitra Luers dominates the stage with an extended monologue that holds the audience breathless, and breaks our hearts as we are drawn into the world of battered women, and discover just how complex the needs of an individual can be. The writing is superb - its dark power merits development into a full-length play, and I can't imagine anyone better than Luers to star in it.


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