What Duc Is Doing

If you read my last post, you know about California’s Three-Strikers hoping to be re-sentenced and released from prison and the obstacles they face. Duc Ta is now the point man, hired by Amity, to work on putting together the sorts of transitional plans that will win release. He is working constantly with hardly a moment for any personal phone calls or emails. So if any of you are wondering why you haven’t heard from him, now you know. There are people who need his time right now more than we do!

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2 Responses to “What Duc Is Doing”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    Hello, I am a senior at Miami University in Ohio. Today in one of my classes I watched the documentary, juvies. Duc Ta’s story along with the other juvenile’s experiences opened my eyes to a whole different perspective on the Juvenile system and what individuals experience while being in the system. This movie impacted me in a way where I would like to learn more about this specific field within the social work profession. I expressed my interest to my professor and she suggested that I try to contact Duc Ta. I was wondering how I could possibly get in contact with him? I was also wondering if there is any advice you may have for a future social worker looking to advocate on behalf of those who are tried as an adult at a juvenile age?
    Thank you

    • desilef Says:

      Hello, Stefanie. Thanks for writing and for your genuine concern. I have forwarded your message to Duc.
      I just hope by the time you graduate, kids won’t be tried as adults anymore, but I expect it will still be happening. A lot will depend on what the circumstances are in the county where you go to work. Here in LA, for example, juvenile cases used to go directly to the District Attorney who was very insistent on trying youth as adults. The new chief of the probation dept is now insisting that cases go to him first so he can try to do community intervention and diversion programs. Social workers will be assessing cases to see which young people are most amenable to community-based programs offering the resources they need. Other youth may be sent into the juvenile justice system. Some of the most violent offenders may still go to the D.A., but the hope is to keep this to a minimum. This is a new initiative and it remains to be seen whether the new chief can really make a difference. I hope so! The Public Defenders Office also has investigators and social workers on staff to work with youth who’ve been arrested. Many community organizations that work with at-risk and/or gang-impacted youth need social workers and case managers who try to pull together resources for kids and their families to prevent violence before it occurs. A lot of youth violence has roots in domestic violence in the home, so social workers who work on domestic violence issues are playing a role in breaking the cycle of violence. So much depends on where you live and what the political climate will be once you graduate. But the fact that you have CONSCIOUSNESS, you will bring that to any role you play in social services. All best to you!

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