Provocations – projects in Northern Ireland

Hello, all. For those of you still curious about what the hell I was doing in Northern Ireland in October with Hector Aristizabal’s ImaginAction project, here’s my account in Numero Cinq. With thanks, as always, to Doug Glover.

And here’s a happy moment in the North, hiking the Red Trail at Giant’s Causeway. Photo courtesy of Evanne Nowak.

photo of Diane by Evanne Nowak

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2 Responses to “Provocations – projects in Northern Ireland”

  1. carolahand Says:

    Diane, I love this article — the work you do with popular theater is so important. The way you interwove your observations, feelings, and approaches made the account authentic and a useful guide for practice.

    • desilef Says:

      This means a lot coming from you because you set the bar very high! And I, by the way, loved your account of “sculpting” and the way you used it to make historical (and ongoing) trauma visible.

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