James Lawson: A Sense of Urgency

Back in 2008, I interviewed Rev. James Lawson, Jr., veteran (still active) activist for civil rights and social justice, for many hours over the course of several days. The full interview has been too long to publish anywhere, but an abridged version appeared in The Believer in March/April 2013 and I included a link to the piece in this blog. Now I’ve just seen the Fellowship of Reconciliation has published another version, duplicating some of The Believer interview and included material that wasn’t published before. Here’s the new link.

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2 Responses to “James Lawson: A Sense of Urgency”

  1. carolahand Says:

    Diane, this is such an important and timely article – well worth reading. I am embarrassed to say that I had never heard of James Lawson or his crucial thinking and activism, so I am especially grateful for your thoughtful, in-depth look at the important connections he makes between all types of oppression, power, ethics, and nonviolence.

  2. desilef Says:

    Carol, He’s a remarkable man and so busy, often on the road, it was difficult to get him to sit down for an interview and I felt awful when years went by with the piece still not in print. The magazine that had originally asked for a lengthy interview then turned it down. I won’t name the publication, but the publisher (it has seemed to me) while bemoaning the fact that they don’t get enough material from the POC perspective then becomes very uncomfortable with what people of color actually have to say. So much for change. And sadly what seemed timely in 2008 is still timely.

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