Feasting or Fasting?

I don’t like this holiday but later today I will of course go up the hill for dinner with family.

What are we celebrating? Indians fed us. Then we killed them.

Instead of stuffing ourselves we should be fasting.

The last Thursday of November should be a national day of atonement.

4 Responses to “Feasting or Fasting?”

  1. carolahand Says:

    Thank you for giving voice to such important points, Diane. (I decided to remain silent on the symbolism of Thanksgiving this year … )

  2. desilef Says:

    Carol, it shouldn’t be your duty to speak up always, but someone always needs to, no? Thank you for commenting.

  3. mandy Says:

    I Liked this post yesterday and when the topic of discrimination came up at breakfast this morning I mentioned it. We were all in agreement that Thanksgiving Day should be renamed Day of Atonement. Thank you for writing it–you never know when one life will be changed . . .

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