She can’t go back.

Nancy said, “I have to forget about Uganda. There are some sweet memories but that’s a place I can never go back to. What happened was they arrested a few people at an illegal meeting and somebody during interrogation named me….”

She impresses me so much with her intelligence and ambition and grace.

Her story also illustrates how the ordinary assumptions Americans make so easily can confound a person seeking asylum. I just posted her story here.


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2 Responses to “She can’t go back.”

  1. Carol A. Hand Says:

    Nancy’s story about her experiences highlights her incredible tenacity and resilience within the context of surveillance and political oppression, one of the issues you raise in such an intriguing way in your book “Confessions of a Carnivore.”

    Thank you for posting these stories, Diane. In this era of xenophobia, it’s even more crucial to humanize people who seek asylum by sharing their stories. I hope those who do share stories know that many people around the world are touched by their experiences and wish them the best, even if we’re unable to do more from a distance.

  2. desilef Says:

    Thank you, Carol. I will share this with her.

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