Her parents escaped North Korea; she grew up with her father’s PTSD

Korean Dance of Peace

Korean Dance of Peace

In addition to collecting survivor stories, I’m very interested in the 1.5 generation – that is, immigrants who were born overseas but came to the US at a young age. Maryann’s story is so illuminating about what is passed down through generations, what it’s like to grow up with secrets, traumatized parents, and cultural confusion. And to me, it’s such an important reminder of how much care and concern can mean to a child, even when we don’t understand.

Maryann is the latest eloquent storyteller at the Second Chances LA website. You can read her words here.

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2 Responses to “Her parents escaped North Korea; she grew up with her father’s PTSD”

  1. Carol A. Hand Says:

    This is such a powerful, loving story told with great compassion and wisdom about people and life.

  2. desilef Says:

    Thank you. I will share your comment. People are often hesitant to make their stories public and then add in the pain of revisiting difficult memories. Comments like yours are reassuring and empowering.

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