Interview at Awst Press – Beautiful ideas cross borders

Liz Blood was in the process of leaving Austin, TX for Tulsa, OK but still caught up with me and edited our interview for Awst Press. If you check it out, I also highly recommend the essay by Donald Quist.

and for something lighter and happier, the latest cat photo.

Millie and plant

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3 Responses to “Interview at Awst Press – Beautiful ideas cross borders”

  1. Carol A. Hand Says:

    As always, there are so many crucial insights in your work, Diane. Today, the one that caught my attention was your discussion of community. It’s a topic I’ve been thinking about as I reread and work with research interviews for a study on Ojibwe child welfare.

    “I guess something I’m always trying to do is expand our notion of community. For all our differences, everyone is still “us,” not “us” versus “the other.” The members of our community are the people we care for and listen to and protect and feel some responsibility for and it has to go beyond the nuclear family. You know, it’s the consciousness that sees all species and the earth and water and air as part of the community, and other people whatever language they speak or culture they come from.”

    Colonization targeted these underpinnings of Ojibwe and other indigenous cultures. I wonder how writing about ‘what was’ and ‘what is’ can help raise awareness about the possibilities for people to critically reflect, as communities, about what we can do as individuals and collectively to create ‘the best we can imagine.’

    • desilef Says:

      Thank you, Carol. It seems when people let their imaginations run free these days they only come up with reasons to fear. We have to imagine, as you say, the best. When you write about Ojibwe child welfare, the pain felt by families torn apart has to strike a chord in almost every other human being. People rejoice to see an elephant calf reunited with its mother, how can they ignore what family means to other people? They are stuck in mistaken ideas about a child’s best interests. When you write about love and about the enduring positive values of culture (gently debunking the claims of those who say there is no culture), it must create change in those who hear you. I think we sometimes fear we’re preaching to the choir but even would-be allies often need more awareness. Still it is so frustrating to reach so few. Thank you for persevering!

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