Betting on Peace

After billions spent on destruction through Plan Colombia, will the US now support Peace Colombia? And will Colombians take the wager on peace? My article today

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5 Responses to “Betting on Peace”

  1. smilecalm Says:

    i can’t help but feel saddened
    by this compelling sharing of truth.

  2. Carol A. Hand Says:

    Reading your article, I was reminded again how much I love your work with popular theatre, Diane. It is such a powerful, inclusive, respectful way to raise awareness and reweave communities that can meet the challenges of working together to create peace.

  3. desilef Says:

    Thank you, Carol — but you’re supposed to be editing your book, not reading and commenting on other people’s posts! Get back to work, dear friend!

    • Carol A. Hand Says:

      Today’s grandmother (Ahma) day, and tomorrow, too, so editing will have to wait until Monday. In my moments of freedom as Ahma, I try unsuccessfully to catch up on WP 🙂

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