I hope you’ve all been feeling very independent (and healthy) all weekend. With just 10 weeks to go till Out of Place pub date, I’m still counting down and here’s your Monday image.

3 Responses to “Countdown”

  1. Carol A. Hand Says:

    This morning, your “Out of Place” posts reminded me of a game my granddaughter and I used to play when she was younger, Diane. We had a deck of card with pictures that we would shuffle and then distribute – six each. We would then make up a story to weave the pictures together to tell a story. We would sometimes laugh for days over our creations.

    This is a fascinating way to inspire interest and curiosity about your upcoming book!

    Sending my best wishes to you! 💜

  2. desilef Says:

    I love that, Carol! If only I hadn’t already written the novel and then found the photos. I need to try this starting with photos first!

  3. Carol A. Hand Says:


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