Out of Place Pre-Orders!

I am very happy to say that Out of Place is now available for pre-order! If you want to bypass Goliath, you can order through Bookshop.org where all purchases help fund independent bookstores. (Unlike the Big Guy, at the moment Bookshop doesn’t yet show the cover. But you can see the cover pasted below as well as the book description.) https://bookshop.org/…/out-of-place…/9781953236043 I’ll still be continuing the Monday countdown with new images. See you on Monday!

A vibrant, international novel of displacement and connection in an increasingly blended world culture while also offering a scathing indictment of the human cost exacted by the security state.

When a research institute in the Mojave Desert falls under suspicion in the aftermath of 9/11, a Turkish hydrogeologist is “in the wind” while her husband goes missing in Pakistan; the American office manager is detained as a material witness; a Mexican herpetologist needs to find a place of safety; a US college dropout bicycles across Iran, trying to decide if violence is the answer; Outlaw Scientists conduct unconventional DIY experiments; and an FBI specialist, born in a refugee camp in Africa, proves his loyalty to his adopted country.

Lefer’s cautionary tale offers up, as well, a vivid celebration of diversity and the natural world. In a novel spanning cultures and continents, these global characters have in common an unease that may well be true of most of us: feeling – or being seen as – out of place.

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