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The Truth about Steve Bannon

January 30, 2017

It doesn’t seem to matter that Trump’s close advisor Steve Bannon is a bigoted white supremacist best known for purveying rightwing conspiracy theories he knows to be lies.

So I figured it was time to look into his background and see what secrets might finally discredit him.

Now that Trump has elevated him to a permanent seat on the National Security Council, it’s urgent we find out the truth – even an alternative truth. Bannon’s rise puts us at risk of annihilation. By “us” I don’t mean Democrats or Americans, but people everywhere, and every animal, vegetable and mineral, the air, water, earth of our shared planet.

Here’s what I found on the internet and my internet friend Sakina Murdock has urged me to make this information public.

I have not independently verified these claims but hey! it’s on the internet. Let these alternative facts go viral. Let the administration spend its time refuting. Let Steve Bannon become such a distraction that HE’LL HAVE TO GO!

Steve Bannon refuses to show his birth certificate.

Steve Bannon engages in unnatural acts with gerbils.

I read that Steve Bannon is matching ALL donations made to the ACLU in 2017

Steve Bannon hospitalized after sexual encounter with Icelandic pony.

I read on the internet that Steve Bannon hopes to get Trump impeached in the next 5 days finding his policies too extreme and racist.

Steve Bannon just converted to Islam.

Steve Bannon drinks the blood of Christian babies.

Steve Bannon threw gasoline on my cat and set her on fire. [Fact confirmed! Someone responded “I saw him do it.”]