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Through the Eyes of a Storm

August 21, 2013

Rainstorm Press publishes books you’d want to read on rainy, stormy nights — crime, mystery, horror, sci fi. This blog is actually named for my novel, Nobody Wakes Up Pretty, which was published by Rainstorm last year. Now the house has just come out with Through the Eyes of a Storm, an anthology of stories by Rainstorm authors Tammy Maas, Amy Durrant, Tom Knoblauch, Ronald deStefano, Susan Dorsey, Tommy B. Smith, Sakina Murdock, Nate D. Burleigh, Monique Snyman, Robert diBella, Isaiyan Morrison, and me. Revenge, comeuppance, mortality, tempestuous weather and … do you dare?


Hello to Moorpark and to the new Rainstorm Press authors page

January 27, 2012

Even a car accident en route to my performance/reading at Moorpark College didn’t totally throw me and certainly didn’t take away from the sheer pleasure of seeing Jerry and Melody Mansfield again.

Melody’s collection of Bug Stories — yes, insects — will be out from Kitsune Books in 2013. And I want to post news of a book of Jerry’s soon.

January 2013 update: Sadly, Kitsune is no longer in business, but Melody’s Bug Collection is now accepted by Red Hen Press. I was lucky enough to see it in advance of publication, and this is what I wrote in response:

In the bizarre enchantment of this collection, all the glories and dilemmas of Western civilization are second nature to the dung beetles, katydids, and fireflies while Melody Mansfield’s reverence for all life makes her intimately acquainted with every pedipalp and scutellum. Immerse yourself in these strange pages: erudite, ecstatic, and suffused with gentle humor.

Nobody Wakes Up Pretty

January 3, 2012

A New York City noir: …race…sex…crime…gentrification..and a monkey.
Rainstorm Press will publish my mystery in May 2012 and you can follow updates here along with guest blogs and interviews, as well as my adventures coming up this winter in Chicago, Illinois and Cochabamba, Bolivia. Please come back!

I started the New Year getting to meet the publisher, Lyle Perez-Tinics, via Skype, and he turns out to be as personable and committed via webcam as via email.

Seeing this book about to turn up in print brings back so many memories of my native earth.

credit: Eyely Photo