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Panel Discussion on The Point for The Young Turks Network

November 23, 2013

On Wednesday, I joined Ana Kasparian, Priscilla Ocen, and Jody David Armour to talk about incarceration, the sterilization of women in CA prisons, George Zimmerman, and Walmart. I only regret that though I got to mention the school-to-prison pipeline, there wasn’t time enough in the segment to talk about what’s happening now in LA to try to disrupt it. (You can find previous posts here if you’re interested. Here’s a couple of recent posts: Better Outcomes for Juveniles–Maybe. and Restorative Justice in LA Schools.).

Here’s the link for the show.

Can we replace the War on Drugs with a War on Poverty?

October 13, 2012

Panel discussion on The Point: Drugs Wars, Chicago Teachers Strike, and Lying Politicians. It’s Jimmy Dore moderating Lynne Lyman, CA State Director, Drug Policy Alliance; Paul Chabot, Coalition for a Drug Free California, policy consultant on fighting drugs, cartels, gangs; and yours truly. Watch it here if you can stand it!