In the mail!

For a change, no junk mail, political flyers, or bills but instead Yalobusha Review: 17 containing “Sweet City,” about my days dancing inside a giant puppet in NYC, (and what a disturbing and wonderful cover)

and also the 2012 issue of Bacopa, with my poem “en mis brazos.”

It’s amazing to me how much is finding its way into print now and this summer:

Nobody Wakes Up Pretty will be available for pre-order any day now from Rainstorm Press. And Eloise J. Knapp‘s terrific cover is almost finalized. Stories coming out this summer: “Beyond the Rembrandt,” in June in Magnolia: A Journal of Women’s Socially Engaged Literature; “Jonathan’s Wake,” in July in upstreet (and especially glad that Jodi Paloni will be in the same issue); “Cybercat” in the Summerguide 2012 issues of Portland Monthly(and I’m looking forward to reading Editor/Publisher Colin Sargent’s novel, Museum of Human Beings, about Sacagawea’s son. Accepted but unscheduled: “True Love” in You, Me, and a Bit of We, an anthology from Chuffed Buff Books in the U.K. and “Two Bucks,” an essay inspired by two wildlife encounters during my time at the Orcas Island Writers Festival will be in the Winter Solstice issue of Kudzu Review next year.

But for me the biggest news was that Aqueous Books accepted my novel The Still Point. (Gotta love Aqueous for publishing Thomas Balazs.) It won’t be published till September 2014, but that’s no big deal when you consider it’s been making the rounds of publishers since 1978. I’m letting all my writer friends (and writers I don’t even know): Never give up!

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