Duc Ta is Free!

I am so excited I can’t wait to share the news. This morning I walked into the conference room for a meeting of the Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership and heard someone call my name. It was Duc Ta! Just released and living in transitional housing with the Amity Foundation and representing Amity to ask questions and speak from the perspective of the incarcerated. He said he is taking it slow, just getting out, getting himself together. There will be more news to share soon. On parole, but free!

I’ll be writing about the LARRP in the next few days but wanted to post this right away as I know people check this site for news about Duc. He’s not ready to see a lot of people or talk a lot yet, but I hope to provide updates soon. Many thanks to all of you who kept the faith and cared for so many years.

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4 Responses to “Duc Ta is Free!”

  1. Luke Says:

    Oh my god, this is amazing! I am the same age as Duc, am also asian am, & went thru many of the same things in LA, but made it out. I used to show Juvies to my students when I was a teacher & working at youth centers, and tried to check in on Duc’s case from time to time, but it has been over a year since I looked his name up.
    This just made my day!!!!!!! Congratulations brother Duc, welcome home.

  2. Rosio Hernandez Says:

    I recently watched the movie Juvies and it was Duc’s story that shocked me…I was curious to hear about what has been happening to him since the movie. It’s been years and it’s so great to hear he’s free! That is truly amazing.

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